Q: What Kind of paints are used?

Ans: I use water based, non toxic acrylic paints. They are safe in microwave and also in the oven up to 250 degrees F.

Q: Can I use them around food?

Ans: Absolutely. They can be used around food although one should not let these paints come in contact with. That is why, I prefer not the paint plates.

Q: Can I wash them in dishwasher?

I prefer hand washing with gentle dish soap and soft scrubber (no scouring pads). They are safe on top rack of the dishwasher. DO NOT let them sit in the sink and soak up water. That will make the paint peel. Just treat it like you treat your fine china!

Q: How long do they last? Is the paint permanent?

Ans: This glassware can last a long time as long as you take care of it. Keep it away from sharp objects like knives and also harsh chemicals such as paint strippers or acrylic paint removers. The paints are not fused with the glass so they do have a limited life.

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